Black and White

There is a certain unimaginable beauty in Monochromatic images. Ansel Adams was the most iconic Black & White (B&W ) landscape photographer. So much can be done with B&W. Nowadays all cameras are digital color, but we have the option just to shoot B&W with them with the built-in-black-and -white-setting, but we should not. This … Continue reading “Black and White”

Not All Men Created Equal, Then Some Learn Photography!

There is just too much to talk about Landscape and completely beyond one blog. There are many books written with just that title “Landscape Photography” and it also has multiple dedicated magazines like the one I subscribe to, outdoor magazines. Landscape photographers are hard workers and “Absolute Suckers” for Sunrise and Sunsets. We don’t seem … Continue reading “Not All Men Created Equal, Then Some Learn Photography!”


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