“Photography is a love affair with life.” – Burk Uzzle

To me, photography is the ultimate expression of one’s feelings and soul in images captured and created. It can bring out the most creative side of us. The best photos are the ones that will teleport you to that site or time for a moment.

How did I get sucked into photography and the kind I love? 

My father was a mountaineer besides playing Rambo in Special Forces here and there, so I spend countless weekends with him mountain climbing around Tehran, with the closest being about 13000 feet.  Damavand is the tallest mountain (18,406′) in Iran, about 40 miles from Tehran, so it is very mountainy where we lived. Spending outdoors frequently gave me the feeling that I am more connected with nature. My interest piqued for photography in the early days, playing with the Yashica Electro 35mm that my father bought in the United States while training at 82nd Airborne Division.

My passion for the outdoors after the intensive exposure I had as a child and my profound interest in photography worked well. I believe many people who enjoy photography also become more active and spend more time in nature.  It is an excellent way to be outdoors, get exercise, capture scenery and be creative. I backpack a lot with my gear, and landscape photography is my thing. I love pet photography, portrait, and macro photography as well. I also like street photography, but with the social media boom, fewer people are willing to be in pictures in the United States due to privacy issues. Europeans and Latino countries usually care less.

Photography is not inexpensive and can get pricy fast. The more you do it, the more you want this or that lens. With the advancement in Digital photography and cameras, it is undoubtedly more affordable today than ten years ago. One can get a good starting kit and start exploring. Smartphone cameras have also advanced quite a bit but still inferior to DSLR and Mirrorless ones.  Most people don’t even use all the features on smartphones with AI built-in them for photography nowadays.

It is such a great time to be living in, especially as a photographer. There are so many great gears out there by different brands like Sony, Nikon, and Canon. I believe social media has opened so many doors for photographers, especially Event Photographers who cannot do without Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest.  

I was a Nikon user, but I switched in 2009 to Canon. I exclusively use Apple products for my work. Still, I know that Android smartphones have similar capabilities when talking about tricks and features for the smartphone photography section.

Many people I have met always ask me for tips on photography and gear, so this is a chance for me to share it all in one space and update as we consider the ever-evolving technology.

I hope to pique your interest in taking your photography skills a notch further to empower you to capture more beautiful moments that will transform you back in time the way you experienced or felt it.

Photography can be the story one fails to put into words and very powerful indeed.

Disclaimer: I do not receive any royalty of any kind from any sites or companies I talk about. All opinions expressed are my own.

Author: Kouros Farro

I am a family physician, educator, and photographer who loves landscape photography.

3 thoughts on ““Photography is a love affair with life.” – Burk Uzzle”

  1. Great post Kouros! Looking forward to checking in often to see some of your incredible pictures and learning more about the art & science of photography – through your eyes!


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